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Meet Sasha Sumling 

The Massagemomma 

Am I truly the earthy chick; the tattooed massage therapist-doula all about women power or am I just a mom?

I have asked myself that question many times before, who am I?


When I introduce myself I say I’m married and a mom of three, but is that it? I have three beautiful kids, all different shades of brown, cream, caramel, and chocolate. I even have the road map to motherhood to prove it- stretch marks. You would think I wouldn’t need any more marks, but I do have a nice size tattoo. I even take on the joy of watching babies being popped out the vagina.

And I like it when they call me Massagemomma. 

Now I am going to take you along the road map. First talking about my kids, secondly about stretch marks and why they are important to me, third the reason behind my tattoo. Fourth my life as a massage therapist, and lastly, the joys I have of being a Massage Therapist and Doula.



When I think of my kids, I think of them as a reflection of me. My oldest, the caramel one, is goofy, clumsy, and has my big eyes. My middle child, the chocolate one, is prissy, very sensitive, and has long jet black hair. My youngest, the cream one, is loud, very artsy, and has long thick brown curly hair. 

I am goofy, OMG, when I’m sleepy or had just a little to drink, I laugh loudly at nothing and every phrase that comes out my mouth is funny. I’ve been known also to have my “blond” moments; it takes me a minute to get things. I am very sensitive as well. I can remember growing up my mom would address me as her sensitive one. I’ll cry over anything.

I was the oldest and my youngest sister would be my bodyguard. I love the arts. Anything that takes creativity, I’m all over it. Don’t let me get all dressed up with heels, make up and the natural curly hair straightened out, you would think you are looking at a model. All my kids are very smart.

When asked what's interesting about me, the first thing said would be:

“You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”  

-A quote from the film “The Help”

Stretch Marks and My Tattoo 

Stretch marks are indented lines stretched in the skin caused by hormonal
changes and rapid weight gain, common in pregnancy. Although not
cosmetically beautiful, every time I look down at them I think of the journey they took me on to motherhood. Each time I carried my babies my skin
stretched. But I knew I was creating a beautiful being. It didn’t bother me. Every second of nausea, and pain associated with birth accounted for 27 months of my life.

I wouldn’t fade my marks for anything! 

I got my first tattoo when I turned 30 years old. “Why so long?” you ask. Well, I was threatened as a child, mentally tortured on the effects of getting a tattoo. I wouldn’t get a job, be a model, or find a good man who would marry me. So by the age of thirty, I finally looked back and said, “What am I’m waiting for? I have been there and done that.” 

I went and got my first tattoo that night with some girlfriends. A scorpion, my star sign. I got home and threatened my kids; yeah I know, a repeated cycle. I said, “I am grown, working, married, and have three kids, I can do whatever I want. You better not think about getting a tattoo until you do the same.”


There is nothing like seeing the joy in a mothers’ eyes when she holds her baby for the first time and feeling her body relax as I use my skills to make her pregnancy just a little more bearable. I take great joy in being able to assist a woman through one of the most difficult and yet rewarding things she’ll ever do in her life.

I drink green leaves three times a week; I like to eat anything that grows from
the ground. So, am I just that mom? The Sasha I prayed everyone would
remember as a young girl, that earthy chick, the tattooed massage therapist,
doula all about women power, a Scorpio, or am I…
Sasha, your Massagemomma.

Read on to learn more about the massage skills I’ve developed specifically to assist you in your journey to motherhood.